What does a PR Agency do? Vita Vite Grand Opening

By Posted in - Case Studies & Clairemont Client News on February 16th, 2016

Vita Vite comes from the Italian words for “life” and “vine” – the idea of life revolving around wine and food, and how they bring people together in a common space of appreciation for the beautiful things that can enrich life. In order to showcase Vita Vite’s atmosphere and build onsite traffic and general visibility for the business, Clairemont hosted a creative ribbon-cutting ceremony designed to engage key influencers and members of the downtown Raleigh community.

As part of an ongoing public relations strategy to introduce Vita Vite to Raleigh and gain exposure for business owner, Lindsay Rice, a visual twist was added to the ceremony to engage media; we highlighted the wine bar/art gallery concept by creating a ribbon out of wine corks.

Connecting with the Community: Vita Vite is located in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, also known as the Art District. To make a strong connection with the downtown community, the president of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, David Diaz, made an official statement about the growth in the Warehouse District and Vita Vite’s role in helping its expansion. To further integrate Vita Vite with the community, guests were invited to co-create a piece of art and “leave their marks.” Participants put ink on their thumbs and placed thumbprints on a canvas to create a commemorative art piece that is now on display at Vita Vite.

Targeted Pitches: Clairemont targeted lifestyle bloggers to enjoy a date night at Vita Vite. Bloggers were invited to bring someone special with them to enjoy VIP perks, like a complimentary glass of wine, cheese plates and one-on-one interviews with the owner.

Vita Vite’s introduction to the downtown Raleigh scene has been a success as the new hotspot in the Warehouse District. The tweets from the ribbon-cutting ceremony reached a followership of 33,471 on Twitter alone. As part of a larger strategic campaign, Clairemont helped Vita Vite engage with a targeted lifestyle blogger audience by highlighting the date night aspect of the wine bar. This tactic exceeded expectations by securing two media placements and Instagram posts to a reach of more than 14,100 followers on Instagram, generating additional buzz about Vita Vite and its welcoming atmosphere.

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