Facebook Ads: Targeting Diners

By Posted in - Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR on February 17th, 2016

Is organic Facebook content dead for restaurants, dwarfed by promoted posts and paid ads?

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook post impressions declined 35 percent in the first quarter of 2015, while a study by Social@Ogilvy found that organic reach has capped out at approximately six percent. In other words, if you don’t pay Facebook to boost your content, you can expect an average of six people to see your content for every 100 fans you have.


Why should restaurants even bother with a Facebook page then?

Because a page provides a platform to encourage both organic and promoted content. In fact, a robust social media strategy will include a well-placed schedule of both types of posts.

3 Ways to Target Your Restaurant’s Audience on Facebook

We understand it can be daunting to let go of your carefully groomed content calendar that once fostered such strong engagement. So when creating your first Facebook ad for your restaurant, go simple. First open ad creation to get started, and then experiment with these tips to create a target audience for your ad.

1. Geo-Targeting

This option allows you to narrow your audience based on zip code, city or even a specified mile radius. If you have access to your current email database or customer list, do a quick query to determine your typical customer location. Some restaurants only draw guests from a five-mile radius, while others can stretch to 50 or more, depending on the type of offering. Use this as a guideline to geo-target potential guests with your ad.Geo-Targeting Facebook Ads

2. Lookalike Audiences

You can create an audience segment known as “lookalike,” those that mirror the interests and behavior patterns of your current fans. Is your typical customer a 28-year-old accountant with a penchant for authentic Italian lasagna? Chances are that other fans with similar profiles are primed to like and engage with your restaurant.

3. Interest-Based Profiles

Utilize life stages or interests to shape your target audience. If your restaurant is more of a special occasion facility, consider targeting the newly engaged crowd that might be seeking a reception hall or bridal shower location. Health food establishments can connect with those committed to diets, yoga, CrossFit or weight loss programs. All of these ideas open options beyond the standard “people who like dinner” groupings.Interest Targeting on Facebook

The best strategy employs a thoughtful combination of all of these factors. Explore! Facebook is your oyster … er … hamburger … er…

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