Photo of the Week: Weeeeeell?

By Posted in - Photo of the Week & The Clairemont Team on February 19th, 2016

It’s our new thing in 2016. Well Wednesdays! (And we encourage you to experiment with fun inflections. “Weeeeeeell? Wednesdays?” … “WELL Wednesdays!”)

Every Wednesday, our team trades its business suits for yoga pants in the office, allowing us to pop out for a quick walk, run or yoga session during the day as our schedules allow. We’re creating an environment that supports our commitment to personal health and wellness.

And just for fun, we’ll share a little insider fact with you. It took us 41 (forty-one!) snapshots to capture this photo. Apparently, coordinated group jumping ain’t as easy as it appears! Weeeeell…

We’re a great team. Check out our other shenanigans!



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