Photo of the Week: Better for You

By Posted in - Photo of the Week & Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR on February 12th, 2016

It’s time to turn up the taste while turning down the calories! Applebee’s, a Clairemont client, rolled out its Better for You menu that makes it easy for guests to eat healthier when dining out at restaurants. The new menu features seven bar and grill favorites made with wholesome, satisfying ingredients that are available for 640 calories or less.

The Better for You menu features:

  • Hot Shot Whisky Chicken (640 calories)
  • Grilled Onion Sirloin with Stout Gravy (600 calories)
  • Savory Cedar Salmon (540 calories)
  • Shrimp Wonton Stir-Fry (610 calories)
  • Pepper-Crusted Sirloin and Whole Grains (370 calories)
  • Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken (590 calories)
  • Thai Shrimp Salad (340 calories)

Be sure to stop by your neighborhood Applebee’s and taste what is being prepared a little Better for You!

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