What Does Mom Do at Work Anyway?

By Posted in - Oh Momma Monday & Public Relations on October 5th, 2015

Everyday millions of moms across the country kiss their babies goodbye and head to work. But do our children really have any idea what we do when we get there? No need to wait for Take Your Kids to Work Day to show them what mom is up to all day.

Clairemont client and friend, Shannon McSwiney, is a marketing director for Newland Communities and the mother of two. She recently took her kids along to the Pepper Festival at Briar Chapel, where Shannon’s main office is located. As you can see, they had a blast and her son, Sean, says his mom works at the coolest place ever.

shannon 2

When you get home tonight ask your kids what they think you do when you are at work. We would love to hear what they have to say!




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