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Welcome Martin Waxman, Principal at Martin Waxman Communications.  A Toronto resident, Martin is involved in all things digital and has co-founded three agencies during his career. Keep reading to find out what Martin will be up during the 2013 Conference!

Getting to know you…
Name: @MartinWaxman

Agency: Martin Waxman Communications

Position: Principal

First job in PR: Doing publicity for a comedy club in Toronto (and also being one of the MCs…and I wanna tell you…)

Your insights…

Most loved thing about being in PR: I’m a media junkie  – now I guess you’d say I’ve turned social media junkie.  And I still get a thrill about seeing a story I helped develop come to life whether in digital or traditional outlets.

Best source for breaking PR news: These days for me it’s Twitter.  I found out pretty much everything there from hard news to bizarre cultural trends.  I also get personal news and updates from friends and colleagues.

Number one recommendation to new PR professionals: Participate.  Get active in whatever you do and that means work, professional organizations like PRSA, social networks, your communities – and learn by testing, adapting and seeing what other people do.

About Counselors Academy…

Most valuable aspect of being a Counselors Academy member: The most valuable aspects of being a CA member – I hope I can include two – are the content and the community.  Counselors gives us an opportunity to meet and build strong relationships with some of the smartest and open people around who trade stories, share insights and ideas, talk about business dreams and challenges, and yes – eat, drink and act merry, too!

Role on the planning committee: Last year, I was conference chair.  This year, it’s in Dana’s more than capable hands and because of that, I know it’s going to be the best event we’ve had.  I’m helping with programming and specifically breakouts and keynotes.

Best thing about the Counselors Academy conference: I think I answered that one above.

Most fun memory of a Counselors Academy conference: Um – this is for publication.  So even though we don’t have it in Canada, I’ll take the Fifth Amendment.  I will say one word: prom.  Oh  – and the content, it’s all about the amazing content.  Did I mention that?


Counselors Academy Member Spotlight Blog Series: 

Our very own Dana Hughens is the PRSA’s Counselors Academy Conference Chair for the 2013 conference June 9-11 in Austin, Texas. As conference chair, she has the privilege to work with other members of the conference planning committee, which consists of senior-level PR counselors and agency owners from across the United States and Canada. We caught up with these PR pros to find out their secret to success and what they love most about Counselors Academy.



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  • Dana Hughens - Reply

    May 24, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Crashing the prom (or at least the prom photography) is one of my favorite memories, too. I also remember the start of that conference being when I really got to know you during a conversation about Meridian Mary!!! I love knowing a few things that are known mostly be Canadians.

    Bob’s your uncle!

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