Neighborhood News features Wendell Falls and Workbench Roasters

By Posted in - Clairemont Client News on January 20th, 2022

Clairemont client Wendell Falls is a master-planned community in Wendell, North Carolina. Wendell Falls is home to Mike Carty and where his coffee business, Workbench Roasters, was born. 

In 2020, Mike Carty was “in search of the ultimate coffee” and in need of a new hobby. He started experimenting with roasting his own coffee beans and soon began driving around Wendell Falls in his golf cart, delivering coffee to friends and neighbors. When his neighbors kept asking for more, he decided to start Workbench Roasters.

Clairemont recently secured coverage for Wendell Falls and Workbench Roasters in Neighborhood News. In the December issue, Mike shares the story of how Workbench Roasters came to be, the process of sourcing and roasting the perfect coffee bean and what he loves about Wendell Falls. 

Read the full article in the Neighborhood News December Issue and check out other recent Wendell Falls features



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