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Instagram is constantly changing and evolving to compete with other social media platforms and meet all the wants and needs of its users. As the app continues to change, your strategy needs to continue to change as well. Keep reading to learn the 2022 recent Instagram updates and how your strategy should change.

Instagram updates app to have multiple feeds

A recent Instagram update that will launch in 2022 is multiple feeds, similar to the layout that TikTok uses. The Instagram feed options include: “Following,” “Favorites” and “Home.” Following includes only accounts users actually follow and is chronological, a setting users have been begging Instagram to bring back. Favorites is a smaller, more curated feed that includes only accounts users have gone through and personally favorited. Home is “the Instagram you know today,” meaning all of the above along with Instagram’s recommended content for you, like curated ads and suggested users.

Shoppable posts take priority in the Instagram algorithm

Instagram wants the app to be a one-stop shop. Users find the product on the app, then they can immediately buy it on the app. Instagram is adding additional incentives to shoppers, such as discounts and money off to encourage users to shop in the app.

If you are a business that sells products, look into utilizing the shoppable posts feature on Instagram. There are pros and cons to this feature, but a major pro is that the algorithm currently pushes shoppable content more than non-shoppable content.

All accounts can use the link feature

Another recent Instagram update is allowing all accounts to have the ability to link on stories. When Instagram launched the links feature, it was only available to users with 10k followers. Now, all accounts can link to external sites on Instagram stories.

A business should use Instagram stories to link to any external content it wants its audience to see. For example, blogs, websites, products, menus, reviews, events- the list goes on and on.

You can now search for content on Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram has rolled out the ability to search content based on keywords rather than just hashtags, locations and users. That means that when writing captions, you need to consider which keywords you are factoring in along with your hashtag strategy.

Instagram is primarily focusing on video

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Instagram has announced that it is no longer just a photo-sharing app. Since this announcement, Instagram has prioritized Reels by pushing them to new audiences and adding a monetization option for creators.

Reels is currently the best way to grow on Instagram. Any time Instagram launches a new feature or content format, the algorithm pushes that content to follow the agenda Instagram has. Because of this, businesses and creators trying to grow should use new features, like Reels, whenever possible.

Tips for growing on Instagram via Reels:

  • Use trending sounds: Trending sounds are those with an arrow beside them in the Instagram app. Some business accounts may not have access to all trending sounds due to usage rights.
  • Content trends: If you cannot use trending sounds, try trending styles of content instead. Finding current trends requires spending some time consuming short-form video content. When you see a common theme, think of how you can spin it to your niche.
  • Play around with how you post Reels: There is a theory that Reels posted only to the Reels page are pushed to new audiences while Reels posted on your feed are pushed to your followers. Another theory is that Reels are discoverable for a longer period of time when sharing to the feed, and that Reels shared only to the Reels tab experience a spike in reach that ultimately levels off and gets no views after roughly an hour. We recommend testing out both options over a period of time and seeing what works best for your account.
  • Share Reels on Facebook too: When posting a Reel, there is an option to also post the Reel to Facebook. Just like the other posting options, we reccomend playing around with this feature and seeing what works best for your account.

Instagram is adding Reel features similar to TikTok

Instagram has added the ability to respond to a comment with a video on Reels. The comment will appear as a sticker on the new video, and the new video will be pinned in the comments of the original Reel. This is a very popular feature on TikTok and a great way to earn more views for both videos since viewers that have only seen the comment response will wonder what the original post was.

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