My First 30 Days at a Raleigh PR Agency: Day 20

By Posted in - Entry-Level PR Job & Marketing & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on June 26th, 2012

I love Pinterest, and this infographic from a recent PR Daily article was too good not to share. Did you know that by the end of the year, Pinterest will contribute roughly 40 percent of all social media driven purchases (Facebook will control about 60 percent, and Twitter will become virtually insignificant.), or that buyers from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to purchase and will spend, on average, 10 percent more than users from other social media sites?

With Pinterest’s popularity still on the rise, and its future still unknown (especially in regards to advertising), we are keeping a close eye on the pinning site here at Clairemont, because numbers like these are hard to ignore! This infographic from PR Daily gives a great breakdown of Pinterest’s current, and possibly future, clout, and reinforces that Pinterest really is a site to continue to watch.




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