Writing Copy: Sing the Right Tune

By Posted in - Copy Cat & Marketing & Public Relations & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on January 27th, 2015

We always say that we love good copy, and we’re highly invested in ensuring that our messages carry the right tune. With the refinement of mobile apps and online notifications, brevity with clarity becomes vital to effective communication.

I love me some Pandora. (Pardon the grammar of that phrase—artistic license for effect.) This industry mogul has arguably dominated the internet radio landscape by connecting ground-level consumers with a hitherto restricted product: tunes. Gone is the barrier of cost with Pandora’s streaming music; every genre and ilk of music is instantaneously available (minus a few commercials here and there). Pandora even curates customized playlists for a range of style preferences–from spa music to cumbia–that can function as the DJ at an event. Talk about a budget-saver!

Undoubtedly, Pandora wields clout to “bend the ear” of the public. But trust is as easily lost as gained with this generation of tech-savvy consumers. And hence, it becomes all the more important that mobile app notifications provide accurate information—and copy—every time.

Pandora Mobile Alert

Take a peek at this recent mobile alert I received from my beloved Pandora. Although they haven’t lost my vote yet, Pandora should revisit one key to writing strong copy: there’s power in proofreading. Use this as a reminder to review your emails or documents one final time before pushing “send.”




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