The Beauty of Raleigh PR: Day 13 – I’m Official!

By Posted in - Entry-Level PR Job & Wonderfully Random on January 26th, 2015

I have been so immersed with projects and client work that I didn’t get a chance to share my utter excitement about being added to our website!

Before interviewing at Clairemont, I conducted a somewhat broad search for PR companies around Raleigh. When I found Clairemont’s website, I fell in love with the color scheme and the compelling blog articles.

The “Our Team” section was my favorite. All of the team members’ headshots were beautiful, and the linked profiles to their social media really provides a tidbit on who exactly they are. As a student, I longed for the day I would be working in the “real world” and become a part of a company’s website.

All of my pageant practice of smiling in front of the camera didn’t go to waste, because I am now featured in that coveted section. Although it may seem trivial, this accomplishment was a joy for me. This one simple photo symbolizes the start of my professional career in PR. I have begun my career in PR ahead of schedule (I graduated six months early), and I can now call myself an “Account Coordinator at Clairemont Communications.”

I can honestly say that this job is the perfect fit for me, and I am so humbled to come to work every day. When I have free time, I am always popping on our webpage and looking at our team–which now includes me!

Editor’s Note: Clairemont enthusiastically welcomes Jasmin Sessoms to our team! Follow this former beauty queen’s journey as she documents her first 30 days in a Raleigh PR agency.



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