Trends Tuesday: Behind-the-Scenes with Papa Spud’s

By Posted in - Clairemont Client News & Trends on March 24th, 2015

The Triangle Business Journal snapped this shot at the Papa Spud’s media breakfast and ran it as the Photo of the Day.


Last week in our Trends Tuesday post, we touched on the growing trend of online subscription delivery services. Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love when something is delivered to your door or when a package arrives. It’s like Christmas morning in the middle of the week!

We are all busy people, and the convenience factor of doorstep delivery is huge. One of our client’s, Papa Spud’s, is a North Carolina CSA (Community Supported Agricultural) service that delivers local, seasonal groceries straight to your door—from fresh produce, dairy and meat to granola, chocolate and jams. For those of us that like to buy local products but don’t have time to make it to the farmers’ market, local fish house or bakery each week, Papa Spud’s is a great option.

Tuesday mornings are a fury of activity at the Papa Spud’s warehouse, and we invited some local media members to see it for themselves. Produce and food items are being delivered, boxes are being packed and sorted and delivery vehicles are being loaded. On the morning of our event we had an unexpected snowstorm, so there was even more activity as the team tried to determine if the deliveries could still be made.

After sampling some tasty treats and coffee,  Papa Spud’s founder and owner, Rob Meyer, shared how the company was started. The media attendees were able to watch the team in action to really see and understand how the produce makes it from the farm to the box on your doorstep, in less than 48 hours. They were able to see firsthand that the demand in the Triangle for locally sourced food products is growing, and that the convenience factor is really attractive for busy families.

Have you tried a delivery subscription service? What products do you wish would show up on your doorstep each week?





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