Trends Tuesday: Doorstep Delivery

By Posted in - Marketing & Trends on March 17th, 2015

The trend kicked off circa 1910 with the Wells Fargo Wagon, a legendary red coach that hand-delivered goodies to America’s townsfolk. Nearly a century later, the doorstep delivery concept has emerged as one of the nation’s leading economic trends. America has shifted from the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience in favor of online subscription delivery services, a new business model that curates and tailors a box of items to fit your preferences. Best of all, your personalized package appears weekly on your porch, as if by magic. Voila.

Subscription Boxes: All the Rage
With manageable shipping charges and forgiving return policies, subscription boxes have permeated nearly every sector of retail. The stalwart Birch Box, for example, boasts nearly 800,000 active global subscribers who enjoy its grooming and lifestyle products. Pet owners pamper their pooches with customized collars and flavored toys from Bark Box, while Lego fans stock their arsenal with Brick Loot‘s specialty items. (Bonus tip: Check out this review from a special Clairemont friend, Pugnacious10.)

What’s the Draw?
What happened to the traditional haul to the mall? Our harried schedules combined with our waning attention spans drive consumers to seek instant gratification. But this burgeoning trend reveals even more about the American psyche. suggests that consumers may thrive off of the adrenaline of a weekly surprise or crave the ego boost of hand-picked packages.

Customize Your Com
Communication trends, too, must respond to the public’s yen for customized experiences. Apple’s app, News360, allows users to hand-craft a newsfeed, and Facebook personalizes its infamous ads based on the user’s recent internet searches. (No doubt my newsfeed will be jammed with Loot Crate‘s promos after this blog.) Our audiences won’t settle for the traditional “spray and pray” public relations methods. From media pitches to tweets, effective communication stands on the three-legged stool of specificity, individuality and tailored timing.

For a Little Retail Therapy…
Then again, some of us just plain like to shop. And if that’s the case, check out these top 20 box picks. Our favorite, however, is our own client’s freshness in a box . Papa Spud’s is a North Carolina CSA (Community Supported Agricultural) service that delivers local, seasonal groceries straight to your door—from fresh produce, dairy and meat to granola, chocolate and jams.

Timely AND tasty!



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