The Beauty of Raleigh PR: Day 25 – Creativity

By Posted in - Entry-Level PR Job & The Clairemont Team on February 11th, 2015

Its 4 p.m. in the office, you have been working for seven hours and the dreaded afternoon slump hits. When you are lacking a little inspiration at work, what do you do? Whether we are planning an event, pitching media or writing a client strategy, we have all experienced creative blocks.

At Clairemont, we have a few tricks we would love to share with you to stimulate your creativity.

5 Sources of Clairemont-spiration

  1. News: Reading the paper, watching a few minutes of TV news, flipping through a magazine and checking out updates on social media are wonderful ways to get ideas. Sometimes you get the best ideas from the most unexpected places.
  2. Fresh Air: Need a change of scenery? Clairemont is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh. We love pausing our tasks to take a quick, refreshing walk. In general, changing your environment — whether it is sitting at a different desk or walking across town — it helps to change up your thinking.
  3. Billy: Dogs in the work place help to reduce stress and tension. Billy, our CMO (Chief Motivational Officer), is a regular fixture around the office, always on the lookout for a neck scratch, a walk or a little playtime. The point is, sometimes, your brain just needs a break.
  4. Treats: Let’s face it; for those who partake, caffeine simply puts a little pep in our steps. The morning brew helps me start my day (and afternoon and evening). Sometimes we have a sweet tooth and other times we crave salty snacks. For team brainstorm sessions, we find having our favorite treats make it feel more like a party than work. And THAT makes the creativity flow!
  5. The Craziest (or Worst) Idea Ever: Sometimes you just have to go to extremes. When you can’t seem to nail the best idea ever, see what you can come up with as the craziest idea ever…or give yourself permission to think up the worst idea ever. In the process, you just might find a notion that will lead you to be wildly successful.

When these things don’t work, we dance it out until inspiration hits! What do you do to get your brain functioning after being stuck in a rut?

Editor’s Note: Clairemont enthusiastically welcomes Jasmin Sessoms to our team! Follow this former beauty queen’s journey as she documents her first 30 days in a Raleigh PR agency.



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