Our Favorite Clairemont Nooks

By Posted in - Raleigh PR Agency & The Clairemont Team on June 12th, 2018

A bar stool at a kitchen island. A decorative couch with a seahorse pillow. A rocking chair on a wrap-around porch. A pink heart-shaped ottoman.

When your office is a beautiful historic house that’s been expertly decorated, there is no shortage of places to sit. Our team members share the spots they gravitate toward when coming to work each day.

Dana: “I love our kitchen island. Have you ever noticed that when you throw a party, everyone ends up in the kitchen? It’s the same at The Clairemont House. The island is where we have team meetings, host guests for meetings over coffee, charge our phones and computers and indulge in treats from our favorite local restaurants. And working here often feels like a party in other ways, too.”





Cherith: “Sneak upstairs to the second-floor office (which, P.S., doubles as part of Clairemont’s cozy Airbnb suite.) Think warm, natural light, bold colors and oodles of open space for a ready dose of creative inspiration.”






Tracy: “The downstairs hallway, or “wall of fame,” is my choice. It’s the space where we display awards the agency has won and other recognition our team members have received. It’s a great reminder of the hard work our team has put in and how much we have accomplished.”





Nathan: “My favorite nook of the Clairemont house is the front porch. Hearing the breeze rustle the trees is incredibly relaxing, and it is quite serene to have all sorts of people and animals walk by while I work.”



Yasmine: “The Crank Room is my pick because it’s bright, warm and so cozy. And have you seen the pink, heart-shaped ottomans?”

Do you see your future favorite spot, either as a client or team member? Send us an email or stop on by and The Clairemont House to say hello.



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