4 Tips for News Coverage

By Posted in - Public Relations & Raleigh PR Agency on January 11th, 2021

Leads. Newsworthy stories. Relationships with reporters.

Clairemont is known for its successful media relations campaigns that secure effective, targeted coverage for our clients. We’re sharing a few resources from our mastery on what gets attention and how to make the news.

(And once you’re ready to get your news covered, we’re here for a consult!)

4 Pertinent Pitching and Publication Tips

Oh, do we have good news for you! Here are four fundamental resources to help you perfect your performance in all things press-related.

Pitch Perfect

On-point pitching is a skill that takes practice and persistence to master. Check out these basics to perfect the pitching process. 

6 Ways To Ruin Your News

Position you and your agency for success by avoiding these six simple missteps. 

On the Record: Relevant Releases

Relationships with reporters and meaningful pitches are necessary to create releases that stay out of the trash bin. Develop vital pitches that impress publications. 

Before You Begin …

Critical thinking and thoughtful planning are a huge part of working with the media. Consider these questions before you begin writing your next release. 

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