Oxblood: Add a Drop to Your Wardrobe this Fall

By Posted in - Fashion & Trends on November 6th, 2012

Deemed the color of the season by many fashion blogs and trendsetters, Oxblood is popping up everywhere – from makeup and accessories to clothing and shoes. And everyone is talking about it, from national sources like Real Simple Magazine and The Wall Street Journal to our local newspaper, The News & Observer.

Add a splash (or a drop) of oxblood to your Fall wardrobe!

While the name might conjure up dark images, don’t shy away from this trendy new color. Oxblood is a more complex color than just burgundy, wine, maroon or merlot. It is a deep, rich, warm red with a hint of brown, purple and blue, and can be the ideal accent to any outfit this season.

Oxblood has become a popular color in the makeup market – lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes and nail polish. A little pop of oxblood through makeup can give your look a boost of sophistication. It can also be a fun alternative from the blacks and dark purples you see during cooler months.

Denim and leathers in oxblood are also big on the runway and in department stores this fall. Still skeptical? Here are a few ways you can incorporate this color into your personal style:

  • Pair it with a more neutral color like khaki, olive and tans
  • Contrast it with light neutral colors
  • Layer it with other shades of red

A little oxblood can help an outfit become the perfect fall look. And remember…a little goes a long way!



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