Myrtle Monday — Power of Positive Thinking

By Posted in - Free Advice & Inspirational on February 7th, 2011

I’m a believer in staying positive. It makes my days more enjoyable, and I like to think that a sunshiny attitude helps my team members and clients through their (sometimes stressful) days. Now you might be envisioning cartwheels and over-the-top enthusiasm.

While there are times that certainly call for that, I’m talking more about the every day ways to maintaining a positive outlook. Maybe it is simply a matter of tweaking how you respond to “how are you?” or how you greet participants on a conference call.

Read what Ruth wrote to Myrtle on this postcard. “Even in the rain, Venice is such a romantic city.” Imagine for a moment if she would have started with “It has rained the entire time we’ve been here,” or “If it would just stop raining…”

Creates a completely different tone, doesn’t it? Think you might need some help in positive-proofing your communications? Here are some books that might help: The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule and Everyday Positive Thinking.



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