Mighty Mentors & Pepper Proteges

By Posted in - Photo of the Week & Real Estate PR on September 23rd, 2016

WHAT is that?

On October 2, Briar Chapel‘s 9th Annual Pepper Festival is spicing up the agenda with its inaugural Kid Chef Competition! Six of the Triangle’s top chefs pair up with aspiring kid chefs to compete for title of “Pint-Sized Pepper King or Queen.”

We snapped this shot at the first meet and greet between chefs and kiddos as they sliced, diced, tasted and tried the gamut of pepper flavors and plotted their recipes for the festival. Teddy Klopf (left), executive chef of Provenance in downtown Raleigh, mentors his protege (and the protege’s excited sibling!)…and those expressions said it all!

Feeling zesty? Nab your tickets to the Pepper Festival, or find out once and for all: how spicy is your personality?




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