Hey Chicago, Have a Seat (On Thomasville)

By Posted in - Clairemont Client News on August 17th, 2011

Chicago is truly one of my favorite cities. As an Illinois native, maybe it is just in my blood. Maybe (and I’m dating myself here) the experience of being in Grant Park (in a tree no less — I’m short, remember) for the homecoming after the first Bulls championship forever bonded me. Maybe it’s just because I love Al’s Super Soaker.

Regardless, I wish I could be there Thursday evening for an interior design event that Thomasville (our client) is hosting at its new Lincoln Park store on Clybourn Avenue at 6 p.m. It will feature Thomasville’s fashion forecaster, Jana Burvikovs, who I met and instantly fell in love with at furniture market earlier this year.

You can tell Jana is a style maven with just a glance. She is also a sincerely kind person who is very passionate about interior design. If you can go Thursday, do it! You won’t be sorry. Here’s the invite.

The chance to win a free Thomasville chair is so secondary to the experience of meeting Jana and getting her design advice, that I almost forgot to mention it. Yes, the store will give-away a Thomasville chair. If you can go, please take some photos and/or video for me since I can’t be there!




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