Fake News

By Posted in - Counselors Academy & Public Relations on August 1st, 2017

Fake news. Early this year, gathered in a conference room with PR agency owners from across North America who make up the executive committee of PRSA’s Counselors Academy, we debated how long that trending term would remain trending. While some of us thought that #fakenews would have faded by now, it is holding strong.

My fellow executive committee member, Brenda Jones Barwick, penned an article for the March issue of PRSA Tactics called Combating Fake News: How to Protect our Profession, Our Clients and Companies. It remains as relevant now as it was at the time of publishing.

As a member of PRSA‘s Counselors Academy executive committee and now chair-elect, I have collaborated with Tactics editor John Elsasser since 2015 as a liaison of sorts to secure monthly thought-leadership pieces contributed by Counselors Academy members and experts in the field of  public relations. Want to know more about Counselors Academy and its members? Read our previous posts here.



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