PR People: Mary Alice Rose

By Posted in - PR People & Public Relations on August 4th, 2017

Mary Alice Rose

Job title and function: I’m an associate consultant on APCO Worldwide’s digital strategy team where I work with clients to develop, launch and optimize their digital strategies and programs. My role involves juggling many components, including strategy, creative project management, analytics, reporting, content management, digital advertising, research and community management.

Most rewarding thing about working in PR today: Organizations are facing more complex challenges than ever before in our current landscape—combine that with a digital environment and consumer behaviors that are constantly changing, and you’ve got a job that always keeps you on your toes. That’s what I love about the work I do. I’m always learning and facing new challenges.

Craziest/most challenging thing you’ve done in PR: It’s so difficult to pick just one! I would say helping to launch a national nonprofit in about a four-week timeframe. This included developing a digital strategy, creating social media channels, drafting website copy, coordinating partnerships, securing top-tier media, writing social content for celebrities/athletes and going through the Q&A process for both a website and a photo tool. It was certainly a fast-paced project, but I had the opportunity to work with an amazing cross-office team at APCO that pulled it off flawlessly.

Advice for new PR pros: Never stop learning and striving to make your work better. Whenever possible, collaborate with others who have a different background and perspective than you. You’ll see things from a different angle, and it will strengthen your work. It could even help you avoid some serious pitfalls.

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Sarah Hattman, APR is president-elect for the North Carolina chapter of Public Relations Society of America and has been working in PR since she left television news. She grew up in North Carolina and was excited to move back to her home state in 2012 and then join Clairemont Communications, a Raleigh PR agency. 



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