Domino’s: Paving the Way?

By Posted in - Public Relations & Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR on June 28th, 2018

What does it take to really connect with your audience?

The pizza giant, Domino’s, announced a new initiative to smooth out the streets by filling potholes across the country. They dubbed it “Paving for Pizza,” and it has garnered massive attention. But is it merely a PR tactic?

Not necessarily. An organization can truly care about its customers.

Corporate social responsibility, or “CSR,” means that a company strives for ethical business practices, works with the local community and builds relationships with its employees and customers. There are teams of people that work long hours trying to build a relationship between an organization and their audience. That’s where PR takes the wheel.

CSR isn’t a new strategy. Think of McDonald’s Ronald McDonald House, TOMS and Warby Parker. They all contribute to the community through their business strategies. So what made this PR move by Domino’s so enticing to the country?

Here are a few things they did and you can do to craft your next successful CSR campaign.

1. Connect the business to a meaningful cause. 

Infrastructure has been a hot topic in politics for a long time. Deteriorating roads frustrate everyone, including the local pizza delivery boy. Domino’s strategically leveraged a common cause that relates to a wide audience, forging a connection, spotlighting its brand and sparking interest. 

2. Stay true to your brand.

Domino’s has offered cheeky “carryout insurance” since late last year, and if you peruse the company’s social media, you’ll see playful, emoji-heavy accounts. Even though it is a large corporation doing a public service, Domino’s is staying true to its playful and fun voice.

3. Make it interactive.

People don’t just want to know what’s happening; they want to be a part of the action. Domino’s has opened up an opportunity for customers to nominate their own city for a pothole makeover. They also developed an interactive Pothole Impact Meter so you can see first-hand just how ravaged the pizzas are by potholes. By engaging its audience, Domino’s is creating an opportunity to draw people in and and get them talking.

Photo by Domino’s Pizza

4. Be honest.

Don’t promise something you can’t or won’t do. It will backfire. Just days after announcing its campaign, Domino’s had already fixed potholes in Texas, Delaware, Georgia and California. Honesty is always the best policy and will ensure that your audience maintains trust in you and your brand.

What do you think of Domino’s creative CSR campaign? Was it half-baked or perfectly cooked?

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Written by intern Yasmine Evans, a senior at NC State University.



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