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By Posted in - Public Relations & Raleigh PR Agency on February 14th, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you received a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Or you might be out last-minute shopping for that special someone. Or maybe, just maybe, you are one of those counting down the hours until all that holiday-themed candy goes on sale …

Love it or hate it, we certainly don’t hold anything against this day, which means we couldn’t let it go by without celebrating it ourselves! In the spirit of continuing to celebrate Clairemont’s 10-year anniversary, we’re sharing what we love about PR and working at Clairemont!

Read below to see what our team loves most about what we do and where we do it!P.R. While the acronym, of course, means “public relations,” it also stands for “personal record.” Interestingly, that’s one of the things that I feel like we’re able to do for and with our clients — help them achieve their companies’ “personal record.” We get to work with people we love, tackle hard problems, apply strategic game plans and dream up zany, creative solutions, all to form a path for our clients to exceed their goals. For me, it’s the light in a client’s eyes when they begin to see the upswing in sales or when they read their first feature article in a major magazine. I love that we get the privilege to be a direct catalyst in a client’s success. Also. Sometimes we work from a coffee shop. And the coffee shop has brownies. – Cherith Andes

I love that a career in PR means no day ever looks the same. I also love that it has forced me to learn about a wide variety of industries and businesses. What do I love about Clairemont? Our team, our energy, The Clairemont House, our clients, the work we do! – Tracy Lathan

When I landed my first gig in Boston, I had a coworker tell me in regards to a job, “You either have to love what you do or love who you’re doing it with.” Since joining Clairemont I can honestly say I’m lucky to love both! In PR, you can be both creative and strategic. You can have fun and do important work that really moves the needle for a business or person. There’s rarely a boring day! There’s so much I love about Clairemont – the house, the location, the clients! But most of all I truly love our team! We work well together, and we work hard. We’re all here for the same reason: because we love PR (and fun!). – Kelli Fletcher

What I love most about PR is that the skills and practices can be applied in almost any field! At Clairemont specifically, I love that I get to work on a variety of exciting projects. It also doesn’t hurt that Clairemont’s location in Downtown Raleigh gets me out of Chapel Hill to explore more of the Triangle Area! – Taylor Bolden

The thing I love most about Clairemont is the women I get to work with each day. They are some of the smartest, kindest and most fun people I know! They inspire me to be a better PR professional and a better person.  – Dana Phelps

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Have an idea that could use a little creative love? Drop us a line!



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