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By Posted in - Copy Cat on March 14th, 2016

I love the work that we do for our clients. Have I mentioned that before on the blog?

A few days ago, while prepping for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival for our client Il Palio, I found myself thinking a lot about octopus – and no, on this occasion it wasn’t Chef Teddy’s grilled octopus. I was trying to figure out the best way to create an octopus-themed table at the festival to showcase Chef Teddy’s amazing grilling skills for such an interesting dish. I ran across this octopus bowl on Zgallerie and could not resist it, but the inventive copy was the very best part of the page – maybe even the best part of my day.

“Entertain in high style with our sea life inspired Octopus bowl. Fill with your favorite bottled beverages making the perfect statement for a festive fete. For decorative distinction, the piece has been finished in a silver hue, showcasing the multi-dimensional characteristics of the grandiose eight-legged marine animal. For ease of use, the bowl dispenser has been designed to be easily removed from its octopus base for refilling or cleaning. Crafted out of aluminum.”

Initially, I was merely doing research for Il Palio, but I gradually discovered my new love for this octopus vessel. I wanted one for my house because of the words that were listed on the website. I wanted to entertain in high style with my octopus bowl filled with San Pellegrino to make a perfect statement at my next festive fete. Wait, I’m not planning a “festive fete” anytime soon.

The most amazing part of this entire search is that prior to reading the copy I didn’t have the personal desire to purchase an octopus bowl. I don’t need an octopus bowl. I wanted it because of the way that it was written by Zgallerie! I bet this post has you planning your next party with this grandiose eight-legged marine animal!

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