Copy Cat- #HairProbs

By Posted in - Copy Cat & Marketing on March 9th, 2015

#HairProbs we all have been there. I mean, how many countless times have you been tardy for something because of your hair?

Ever have a morning where you absolutely just cannot get your hair right? I find that that is me 90 percent of mornings. I take so much time prepping or planning a great style at night only to wake up in the morning and have to change it repeatedly.

Aussie is inspiring women to #DitchTheDrama and spend less energy on their hair and more time living carefree! The new line of products encourages women to never stress about styling with easy steps to tame testy tresses and detangle morning messes.

Not only does the commercial ad feature a hilarious man talking endlessly about his hair, but “Ditch the Hair Drama” copy flashes across the screen. Thanks to Aussie’s copy I now am well aware how ridiculous I sound about my hair.

Join me, #DitchtheHairDrama!




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