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In the spirit of holiday giving, “Clients Who Care” is a blog series that recognizes some of the recent acts of kindness and caring demonstrated by Clairemont clients. We hope these stories inspire you to be charitable this holiday season and throughout 2015. Happy Holidays!

After grand opening, many companies make an effort to get to know their new neighbors–perhaps with an open house, a product promotion or even a donation to a local charity.

But what if your business that hasn’t sold a single product? Or signed a single contract? Or even opened your front doors?

Wendell Falls Steps Out Before Even Starting Up

Wendell Falls, the upcoming master-planned community nestled among the quaint rooftops of Wendell, N.C., exceeded the standard protocol for cursory introductions. Inspired by its mission to forge lasting relationships and strengthen the foundations of its community, Wendell Falls offered a helping hand to its new neighbors long before it even broke ground on its first house.

At first, Wendell Falls started by providing monetary contributions to assist the community where it needed it most immediately. With a focus on bolstering economic and academic growth, the new development team locked arms with local business owners and civic leaders to identify opportunities for growth in the chamber and schools.

And while these ongoing partnerships boldly demonstrate Newland’s caring spirit, we think there’s something else that makes this client “rock”.

A Client That Truly “Rocks”

Newland Communities, the developer of Wendell Falls, is fueled by its vision to “create enduring, healthier communities for people to live life in ways that matter most to them.” Newland has woven this principle of sustainability into 140 commercial, residential and mixed-use communities in 14 states nationwide; Wendell Falls carried on the legacy with a big bulldozer…and some creative thinking.

As the team commenced grading on the new Wendell Falls site, they encountered challenges excavating and disposing of the rocky terrain. And we’re not talking about a few pebbles; these hefty boulders posed an expensive challenge to export and stow offsite. And then Newland’s team encountered a “light bulb” idea: why not donate the boulders to the local Wendell Parks and Recreational department to aid its renovation efforts?

A dump truck (and a crane and a few hard hats) later, Wendell Falls donated eight hefty boulders to the Wendell Parks and Rec, footing the entire bill for the excavation, exporting and unloading while saving the town thousands of dollars in landscaping fees.

This creative form of “recycling” showcased the team’s heart to support and care for their community in every way possible—including a little “rock and roll.”



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