7 Insta Accounts You Can’t Miss

By Posted in - Social Media + Influencer Engagement & The Clairemont Team on March 7th, 2019

The hues of a local mural. The strains of a blues artist in a music bar. Heck, even the copy on the back of a cereal box.

At Clairemont, we find inspiration in the darnedest of places. Lately, we’ve been lovin’ scrolling through our Instagram to uncover new ideas and helpful tidbits.

Looking for a few life hacks? A pick-me-up? Our team shared a few of its favorite folks to follow. Open the ‘Gram and check out these accounts!

Kelli Recommends: @EmilySchuman
For: Lifestyle, Beauty

Emily is founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I love her style, her tips and the fun activities she does with her girlfriends and family. She also has a great beauty routine (skincare and makeup), and I’m a huge beauty fan. So I often end up trying a ton of products she recommends — with great success. I’ve been a follower of her blog for seven years now, and her content just keeps getting better and better. 

Tracy Recommends: @Fashion_Jackson
For: Fashion

I love her style, and you can link directly to what she is wearing and purchase. #EASYSHOPPING, people.

Ru Recommends: @Nnekaj
For: Travel

My favorite personality on Instagram I absolutely adore is Nneka Julia. She’s a travel blogger who specifically chooses culturally rich destinations, ones that many have ignored. Not only will her photos make you antsy to pack your suitcase, but she also has a podcast called “Passing Through” that shares her revelations and wisdom collected through travel, conversation and self-education. Each episode is dedicated to a city she has explored, giving you insider tips and opinions. Her wisdom is beyond her years!

Cherith Recommends: @OakCityKitty
For: A Little ‘Tude

Meet Tucker, the mascot of downtown Raleigh and possibly the world’s driest pessimist. He keeps a first-person running commentary of life in the heart of the Oak City, peppered with his disdain of dogs, love of food and aspirations to be governor. You need this laugh today; I promise you won’t be sorry.

Alex Recommends: @HumansofNY
For: Life Inspiration

As a passionate people person and New York City enthusiast, I love connecting with stories of strangers from all over the world. You can find empathy, validation and a connection with a stranger all from a single Instagram post — that’s pretty inspiring to me! 

Dana Recommends: @Cottage_a_Day
For: Design

… because it feeds my visual house hunting hunger and is way cheaper than actual house hunting.

Dana Also Recommends: @SouthoftheBully
For: Your Cuteness Fix

… because, well, dogs.

We’re always looking for other inspiring accounts. Visit us on Instagram at @ClairemontCommunications, and tell us who we should follow next!



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