Working Outside My Comfort Zone

By Posted in - Professional Development & The Clairemont Team on May 26th, 2020

I thrive outside of my comfort zone. Whether it’s backpacking through the mountains with my brother, moving to Florida to work at Disney for a few months or hopping on an international flight, I am always seeking one-of-a-kind challenges and experiences. Although my semester interning at Disney came to an abrupt halt this past March, I have remained determined to try new things – even if I’m going no further than my backyard. I’ve been able to learn a valuable thing or two while trying to pick up new hobbies during this time such as if you’re craving dumplings, attempting to make them from scratch may result in floury, sticky dough all over your kitchen … and yourself! 

During my first three years at NC State, I took advantage of a variety of experiences and interests, both within my marketing and journalism studies and in other areas. By going outside of what was comfortable, I discovered rock climbing, met and interviewed scientists about their groundbreaking research, and even started leading a Bible study! While it’s in my nature to try (and sometimes fail) at new things, I have always struggled to pin down exactly what I wanted to pursue in a job or career. As I considered what I wanted the summer before my senior year to look like, I felt overwhelmed with the thought that I needed to magically know what my “dream job” was going to be. 

I knew I wanted to be kept on my toes. 

I knew I loved to write and travel.

I knew I wanted to get creative and be challenged.

I knew I wanted to work with people.

Once I identified these core aspects, narrowing down my job search was simple. I am so excited to jump into my next big adventure this summer: an internship here at Clairemont Communications – a place that I’m certain will address each of these important pillars while gaining experience in public relations, working on a variety of projects and leveraging my love for writing, creativity and people in a new way.

My sister and I supporting my brother and the Wolfpack at his college graduation.

Fun Facts:

  • My favorite place to spend time is outside in my eno hammock. You can catch me in my eno reading a book or taking a relaxing afternoon nap!
  • I am always eating cookie butter. I will put it on anything … or just eat it directly from the jar!
  • I am a middle child! I have an older brother and a little sister. We also count our cat, Floyd, as an additional sibling. 

My advice? In addition to working outside of your comfort zone, explore your sense of creativity and additional concepts by checking out the Creative Challenge section of this blog.

By Clairemont Intern Anna Beth Adcock, a rising senior at NC State.



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