The Branding of You

By Posted in - Professional Development & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on October 27th, 2017

A short five years ago, life presented a different picture. The change in scenery sprang from the rapid progression of society’s dependence on social media.

Just a short time ago, people weren’t stressing over their Instagram aesthetic, and Snapchat stories didn’t exist. With the growing popularity of social media comes new techniques, like self branding, that allow people to connect with potential employers and opportunities. Employers also have another window to reach potential candidates.

Consistency is Key

A CareerBuilder survey from 2016 found that 60 percent of employers examine social media accounts to learn more about job candidates. With that said, it’s becoming increasingly more important to make sure that more than just your resume adheres to what you want employers to understand. 

Self branding on social media is anything from Twitter bio content to your Instagram aesthetic. Maintaining a polished and positive self brand across accounts can show employers more about your personality than a resume or cover letter can.

Your social media content should always be consistent. If one social media channel is showing off a different side of you than another, employers may not perceive you as a stable — or transparent — job candidate. further emphasizes the importance of consistency across social platforms, because “presenting yourself in a consistent manner helps you control their perception of your personal brand.”

A College Student’s Perspective

Self branding on social media as a college student is challenging, specifically because university life includes so many different types of activities and lifestyles. From academic settings and social gatherings to professional events, a college student’s day-to-day life may include a wider variety of experiences than the average person. Figuring out what to post to promote yourself as a young professional while showcasing distinct qualities of your personality is not a simple task.

Many of my college professors are tailoring their class content and the projects they assign to better prepare students for employment. Whether it’s designing an online portfolio or simply promoting your work on social media, they make it clear that perfecting your self brand online will differentiate you from other potential job candidates.

Along with that, professors have explained that a healthy balance of professionalism and personality is valuable for employers to see throughout social media channels. Showing a well-rounded life proves to employers you adeptly prioritize both professional life and the activities that make up your personality.

Self branding goes hand-in-hand with the social media revolution that defines much of modern-day life. Although sometimes it may seem tedious or unnecessary, everything you post on social media is a direct representation of your lifestyle, values and personality, all of which define the branding of you.

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Written by Clairemont intern Lindsey Hoover, a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. 



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