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On May 16, NASA commemorated its 100,000 orbit around the earth with a fresh type of celebration – a Snapchat party. Commander Tim Kopra snapped planet earth from the International Space Station, showcasing everything from culinary tricks to air-born acrobatics.

Oh, and we the earthlings got to witness 16 sunrises in 24 hours. Wowza, Earth! You’re a lucky gal!

Outlets worldwide have covered NASA’s hip move, which sparks conversation for the rest of us still on planet earth. For restaurants and chefs teetering on the brink of Snapchat, nibble on this food for thought:

Why Bother With Snapchat?

Targets the Elusive Younger Audience: For restaurants catering to millennials, Snapchat offers The Promised Land; nearly 77 percent of college students use it daily, and more than half of Snapchat users are under the age of 25 years.

Rekindles One-on-One Engagement: Restaurant professionals fondly remember the hay days when email comprised an effective direct marketing strategy. Poof! Diners received customized event and menu information straight to their (non-spam) inboxes! Amid today’s clutter of messaging, Snapchat offers a new tool for honest-to-goodness one-on-one engagement. Restaurants and chefs can send personal snaps to their followers.

Bypasses the Formality: Instagram, initially intended to share the “instantaneous” moments of life, has transformed to feature a highly filtered showcase of staged photos. Snapchat begins to fill the gap left by other evolving social media channels. Not only is formality not necessary, it’s shunned. Snapchat users expect — nay, demand — raw footage that rekindles the personal, “behind-the-scenes” sense of exclusivity craved by millennials.

How Should You Use Snapchat?

Offer Clever Coupons: Post discounts that followers can screenshot and present for a limited offer. For an extra boost of viral, encourage your followers to share with a friend, and if both customers cash in the coupon, they receive an additional sum-sum!

Demo something new! Rolling out a new menu item? Debuting a fresh recipe? Appeal to your audience’s desire for exclusivity by providing a live preview prior to launch. Score bonus points by showing your staff’s personality. Does the chef indulge in a guilty snack before experimenting with recipes to boost creativity? Honest editorial comments garner attention, as evidenced partly by DJ Khaled’s famous Lost at Sea Snapchat story.

Promote Your Next Event: If you’re launching a special dinner or hosting a partnering chef, whet your followers’ palates with a preview of the menu or dishes. Post a light-hearted interview with staff or guest chefs, or share a late-night prep session for the big event. Bonus points: craft your own on-demand Snapchat geofilters, like IHOP.

Just a few ideas to get you snapping! Looking to boost the rest of your social media as well? Check out our tips on crafting Facebook ads for restaurants.



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