“OOO”: Working Remotely in Raleigh

By Posted in - In Our Community & Raleigh PR Agency on June 11th, 2019

One of the things we love most about life here at Clairemont is the location of our office. Nestled in downtown Raleigh, The Clairemont House keeps us in the DTR mix. Not only do we get our pick of places to saunter to for a bite or a brew (of the coffee OR beer variety), but we also get a pretty sweet view of the skyline from both our front and back porches. While there aren’t many reasons for us to escape beyond the walls of our downtown abode, sometimes we do like to switch it up, just for the sake of it! Whether it’s for the playlist, the java or simply the vibe, we’ve rounded up our favorite spots to set up shop when working remotely,

Third Place: Chances are you’ll catch a healthy number of Raleigh’s Who’s Who in this little Five Points shop, but for good reason. On top of offering a solid cup of coffee, the service is top-tier, and the owner knows almost all his customers’ names. Basically, it’s the Cheers of coffee shops.

Vita Vite: Yes, this is a wine bar. And an art gallery. The small menu of bites will keep your belly full, and the outdoor area is just as beautiful as the indoor space. Cozy chairs, power supply and even fireplaces (for when the chill hits) make Vita Vite a great spot to people watch in between emails and conference calls.

Transfer Co. Food Hall: The new kid on the block is open Tuesday through Sunday, and I’m here to tell you, the vibe is right. It’s spacious with great lighting, and hats off to the whomever is curating the tunes. The obvious bonus is the food. A variety of fresh, fast choices is at your fingertips.

The Morning Times: The OG. Are you even a DTR dweller if the Morning Times isn’t on your list? It’s consistently the best coffee in town, and we’re huge fans of the yogurt parfait.

Sir Walter Coffee: Not only do we love the playlist here and the steady stream of people that pop in for a quick caffeine fix, but the two walls of windows (with one opening up to a patio!) keep the space airy and bright.

Drop us a line to let us know your favorite spot to set up when working remotely.



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