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By Posted in - PR People & The Clairemont Team on May 21st, 2019

When asked to write my first blog post for Clairemont, I was prompted to consider why I chose to do an internship in public relations. What made me want to be a part of Clairemont?  I reflected on this question for a while. “Why are you here?” is a pretty daunting question for anyone, including a 21-year old college student, to answer on a Monday morning. I hadn’t decided what a wanted for lunch yet, let alone my future! It took more than a few trips to the Clairemont coffee machine to really begin to formulate how I was going to respond to such a question. In the end, I think I found my answer:

I’m doing it for the story.

Since I’m now in the summer before my senior year, I’m starting to get the ever-pressing question “What do you want to do after college?” Those questions typically come right after I tell them I’m a double major in history and communication, both of which don’t traditionally inspire a particularly high level of post-college-employment confidence. If I had to pick a job, any job in the world, it would be something that uses my passion for telling stories. To that end, I fully hope and expect that my time here at Clairemont will allow me to take my passion for writing and telling stories and turn it into more than just a passion. I am truly excited for this upcoming summer, and I cannot wait to help tell stories and create some new ones as well!

In the meantime, you should check out another blog post Clairemont has published all about compelling stories. Check it out!

Written by Intern Will Hornbeck, a rising senior at Wake Forest University



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