Mystery Meals Sweep Raleigh

By Posted in - Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR & Trends on May 26th, 2015

Contrary to a Charlotte reporter’s infamous claim, Raleigh’s food scene is anything but blase, especially with this tasty twist. The pop-up dinner, the Triangle’s newest culinary foray, appeals to the developing Raleigh palette while satisfying our yen for community and conversation.

And, not to mention, our secret desire for red carpet treatment.

The Mystery Dinner

In its original form, the pop-up dinner featured an exclusive cast of chefs who pulled out all the stops to craft a one-time specialty menu. The guest list touted the “who’s who” of the culinary underground along an elite few “in the know.” Although guests knew the time and date of the soiree, everything else remained under wraps until 48 hours (or sometimes just 60 minutes!) prior to the dinner when…voila! Guests received a clever riddle unveiling the mysterious dinner location. How very Sherlock of us!

Acorn Kitchen, a Raleigh concept known for its distinctive catering, was one of the first to pilot the pop-up trend in the Triangle. Hosted in the courtyard of the Raleigh Architectural Institute, the mystery dinner piqued the interest of culinary critics and acclaimed foodies alike, delivering such social buzz and culinary zest that it has since become a hallmark event.

Pop-Ups with Wide Appeal

The latest iteration of the pop-up dinner has a broader appeal. You don’t necessarily have to know somebody who knows somebody with the secret handshake to enjoy a sparkling evening with fine wine. Ashley Christensen, 2014 James Beard Award recipient, recently launched a pop-up dinner series as a precursor to her upcoming concept, Death & Taxes. With the right ticket price, guests receive a VIP tour by Ashley herself (there’s the red carpet element!) followed by a four-course meal prepared by acclaimed chefs. The difference? The details are known, but the allure of the “backstage pass” remains.

Marketing with Meals

Pop-up dinners can serve a worthy function, too. Restaurants and chefs engage in friendly competition with other eateries to stoke interest in their collective brands. Catering companies, such as Snap Pea, forge a loyal following and engage new customers who may not otherwise have tasted its fare. ChickenWireNC provides local chefs opportunities to showcase their latest dishes to a select few fans and friends. All exclusive, all intriguingly delicious.

Rivaling the classic dinner-and-a-movie, the pop-up dinner pairs entertainment with a five-star meal. Raleigh certainly jumped on the right end of this rising trend—and we can’t wait to taste what’s next!

Any pop-up dinners that we should put on our watch list?

P.S. A special thanks to foodie friends Durham Foodie, Raleigh What’s Up, CookEatLife and FeliciaPhoto for their tasty tidbits about Raleigh’s food trends!



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