More Earth Day Goodness

By Posted in - Sustainability on April 22nd, 2010

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. For Clairemont, Earth Day resulted in all kinds of goodness!

Since the beginning of the year and the first week Clairemont opened, we’ve been planning for Earth Day activities at Briar Chapel by Newland Communities which included a celebrity chef charity event that benefited The Abundance Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In addition to getting to work with smart, creative and nice clients at Briar Chapel, we had the pleasure of getting to know the chefs, managers and owners at Busy Bee Cafe, Irregardless Cafe and Carolina Inn. As a result, we improved our connections for insider information on some of the best food in the Triangle and made some great new friends.

Dana & Caitlin at the Briar Chapel Earth Day Celebrity Chef Event

Here we are with our clients after the events. We were all tired, but I couldn\’t resist the opportunity to say VOILA! reflecting on our success!



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