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By Posted in - Marketing & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on October 17th, 2017

LinkedIn may be turning a corner. What was once a sleepy job forum is launching new features that might transform it into a vibrant social contender. Yes, at its foundation, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and since its cash cow is job marketing, it won’t likely revamp its entire identity. However, LinkedIn’s fresh tools offer additional functionality and opportunities for interaction.

Native Video

Previously, LinkedIn only permitted you to repost video links from video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Now in late 2017, LinkedIn is rolling native video, allowing users to shoot and upload video directly to the platform. This provides opportunities for professionals to create stronger brand messages and target content to specific audiences, ultimately boosting interaction and business visibility.

In addition, LinkedIn provides metrics such as top companies, titles and the location of viewers, along with views, likes and comments on the video. Note that native video is currently only available to individuals (not businesses) and only via the LinkedIn app. Take advantage of this opportunity to position your executives as thought leaders through first-person interviews on their personal LinkedIn profiles or behind-the-scenes glimpses of company processes. For an extra boost, include text in the video with tools such as Apple Clips.

Active Status

Never know the right time to start a conversation? There’s (part of) an app for that. LinkedIn now lets you know when a contact is active online by placing a green dot in the lower right-hand corner of their profile pictures. A green dot with a white center denotes contacts who are available only on mobile. This notation opens the door for real-time conversations between anyone from colleagues to potential employees and business partners. Experts have speculated if this will eventually beget relationships like professional mentorships via LinkedIn. For now, chat away!

Calendar Sync

While not necessarily new, this simple tool tends to slip under the radar. LinkedIn provides the option to sync with your calendar in three easy steps. When toggling between meetings, this allows you to quickly research new contacts or refresh your memory on the details of an acquaintance. The synced calendar will even remind you to follow up with your contacts after the meeting.

And as an extra tip, Social Media Examiner suggests that in addition to native video, text-only posts perform surprisingly well, especially when crafted with a question or in a storytelling format.

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