Is a creative spark just a Tweet away?

By Posted in - Public Relations & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on January 31st, 2014

Have you ever turned to social media to overcome a writer’s block or creative drought? And, no, we’re not talking about aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest or photo stalking your Facebook pictures from eight years ago. We’re talking about taking the vast amount of knowledge and ideas that are available through social media and using them to create something amazing. As professionals in an industry where it literally pays to be creative, it’s important to always be looking for our next creative spark. As you’ll see below, our intern Sam is using Twitter to surround herself with a creativity brain trust of sorts to keep her mind in the know and her creative juices flowing. 

As public relations professionals, it’s our job to be creative.

Briefly, public relations is all about communicating the right message to the right people at the right time through the right medium. On the surface, it sounds as if it could become a bit formulaic. But, if we do it correctly, it won’t. Yes, all good PR plans have discernable goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. But, in true one-size-does-not-fit-all form, one PR pro’s trash has the potential to be another’s treasure; creativity can make all of the difference.

It takes a creative mind to come up with a message. It takes a creative mind to figure out how to move people to care or to act. And, it takes a creative mind to leverage the right medium in the right way. Oh, and at the risk of sounding redundant, it also takes creativity to pitch those stories that don’t exactly draw media in; to handle sticky client situations; and to win new client accounts.

Now that we’ve got the important buzzword of “creativity” out on the table, where can you go to find that creative spark? Most recently, I’ve turned to Twitter.

In a world where we’re on the go, yet still need to be in the know, knowledge in the form of 140 characters can be the perfect inspirational spark. Follow current events, academics, think tanks, industry leaders, inspirational speakers, tech news, communication news, trend reports and more.

Here are some of my favorites to get you started, though you can check out my ever-changing list here:

  1.  @medium — Everyone’s stories and ideas.
  2. @upworthy — Things that matter. Pass ’em on.
  3. @trendwatching — is an independent consumer trends firm, relying on two thousand spotters worldwide.
  4. @contagious — Contagious is the global authority on the intersection of marketing communications, consumer culture and emerging technology.
  5. @WarcAmericas — Warc is a knowledge service giving access to the best thinking, the best research, and the best practices globally.
  6. @mintelnews — Mintel is an independent award-winning provider of world-leading market intelligence, delivering robust information, analysis and critical recommendations.
  7. @springwise — Springwise scans the globe for smart new business ideas, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds.
  8. @coolhunting — Cool Hunting is a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture and technology.
  9. @PSFK — Inspiring creative business.
  10. @PRdailynews — The Best Daily Public Relations and Corporate Communications News. Knowledge hub for smart comm pros in a digital age.
  11. @PRDaily — Official feed for . Your one-stop shop for news on PR, marketing, social media & more.
  12. @FastCompany — Official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business.
  13. @mashable — News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation.
  14. @TheThinkTankPR — PR Team at The Think Tank, integrated marketing and PR agency in Clerkenwell, London –
  15. @TED — The OFFICIAL feed for the daily TED Talk. Only new talks are posted here.

And so, I challenge you to cultivate a library of brains to virtually surround you. I promise, you’ll be better (and more creative) for it.

Where do you look for creative inspiration? Any Twitter handles I should add to my list?



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  • Carly Griffin - Reply

    February 7, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Twitter has provided me with tons of creative inspiration, which helps when I have writers block when I’ve been tasked with writing a short story for my creative writing class. But I never thought about using it to come up with ideas for PR campaigns. I currently follow @Perspective_pic which tweets pictures of everyday things, but from a different perspective. I like it because it makes me think of things from a different angle and forces me to be more creative. I highly recommend following it!

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