Go On. Be Cheesy.

By Posted in - Marketing & Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR on April 28th, 2016

I’ve been astounded by the recent surge of articles and posts highlighting one of my favorite indulgences: cheese. Raclette NYC’s “melted wheel of cheese” video has circulated through my Instagram feed more than once, matched in popularity perhaps only by the video of pasta made in a cheese wheel. The New York Times, Food and Wine, Cooking Light and Tasting Table have all featured this superstar ingredient within the last 24 hours.

Courtesy of Foodiggity.com

Courtesy of Foodiggity.com

And what’s up with the rainbow grilled cheese? I’m not sure if I’m about to eat a sandwich or a patty of melted skittles.

And yet fans worldwide profess a lifelong loyalty to this ingredient, evident from the grocery cart to the Instagram account. Cheese has mastered some secret to success that if emulated could transform us into famous marketers, writers, chefs, accountants, friends and general human beings. Here are two traits that struck me.

  • Versatility. Compare the casual warmth of an after-school grilled cheese to the complex sophistication of a French fromage board. Cheese has served as a melted dip, a salad topping and a main course; it has been shaped into balls, fried into crispy straws, whipped into waffles and concocted into cosmetic face masks.
  • Individuality. Despite more than 1,800 listed types on Cheese.com, no two are alike. Each boasts a distinct flavor profile, from the nutty grassiness of Roquefort to Taleggio, which SeriousEats describes as “rich, buttery, meaty, feet.” Feet. Quite specific and infinitely memorable!

Ah, the lessons we can learn from food. Versatility and specificity, applied to any field, can strengthen market messaging, build brand affinity and even develop new customer demographics. Bottom line?

It’s ok to be a little cheesy now and then.

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Thanks to Felicia Perry for our cheesy cover image.



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