Give Free Thinking A Hand

By Posted in - Photo of the Week & Travel on November 18th, 2016

Give Free Thinking a Hand, why don’t ya!

Why do we take vacation? There are likely hundreds of answers to that question. For me, it is often time to rest, relax, recharge and clear my mind so that I can better do my job when I’m back in the office. But many times I find that when I’m traveling or taking time off at home, that’s when the ideas freely flow.

That’s why I’m sharing this as a photo of the week. A few months ago, I took my first trip to Napa with a friend. On the way to a wine tasting, we took some extra time  to explore. We were curious about other things in the area. Well let me tell you, there’s nothing like a huge hand sculpture to grab your attention while driving down the road.

How lucky we were to stumble upon the Gordon Huether Studio. We turned the car around, took pictures of the hand and other sculptures outside and then went into the studio. Once inside, I saw a connection. Could it be…? Reluctant to ask and then pleased that my instinct was right, I had seen Gordon’s work before in our very own RDU International Airport,

I believe that this kind of curiosity can help us in business when we ask ourselves what else is out there? What else can we do, see, learn, find and accomplish? Making connections — whether it is between two similar pieces of artwork or between two clients with a common goal — is a skill that all PR professionals can utilize.

So get out there! Take some time off or simply take a walk around the block and show us where you find inspiration by sharing your photos on the Clairemont Facebook page.

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