From Broadcast to Bloodworth Street

By Posted in - Public Relations & The Clairemont Team on October 23rd, 2019

The past few months have been busy as I kicked off both my junior year at NC State and my communications internship at Clairemont Communications. I came to Clairemont from a summer internship in sports broadcasting where, ultimately, I learned the performance of TV broadcasting wasn’t for me. I entered the fall season with a determined pursuit to engage in the PR world. While going from producing news to pitching news may seem like a natural transition, the two aren’t as related as they seem! But, here are three reasons I took the leap:


Since I can remember, I’ve admired the artful combination of words that create a story and captivate audiences. In PR, producing well-written content is always the goal, and is strategically utilized to not just capture the attention – but also the influence – of an audience. 


In these tech savvy times, social media has made its mark as the most commonly used medium to communicate. On a variety of social media platforms, PR pros can craft a narrative to the public, pitch media and influencers and, most importantly, respond to reactions in real time for clients! 


It may sound cliché, but this skill is the foundation for much of my professional future. In this field, not only do I get to build relationships with my team and my clients but I connect with the public and of course, media. As a general lover of people, I feel I’m in my natural element getting to communicate with a variety of individuals.

While becoming a PR professional may be my focus, it’s not my only passion! Here are some fun personal facts!

  1. I was a cheerleader growing up, but my thing was tumbling. I spent more than three days each week in the gym practicing and perfecting flips. If you asked me to do a backflip now, my answer will always be, “I’m retired.”
  2. I’m an older sister. My sister Abigail is three years my junior, and my best friend. Since we’ve grown older, it’s common for people to assume we’re twins (see picture for proof)! 
  3. You’ve made it this far, here’s three facts in one because I can’t choose! Sports is my love language (NC State Wolfpack, Carolina Panthers and U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team), coffee runs through my veins (preferably iced and vanilla) and I can’t go a day without spending time with Jesus! 

Check out my first blog at Clairemont!

By Haylee Hicks, Clairemont Intern and junior at North Carolina State University.



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