Traits of Successful PR Communicators

By Posted in - Professional Development & Public Relations on September 18th, 2019

Maybe you’re a student, a graduate fresh out of college or a practicing PR professional; whichever hat you wear, this blog is for you. It’s always good to bring things back to the basics and remind yourself how to do what you do well. Read on for a few key tricks to keep in your toolbox in order to be a successful PR communicator. 

Trait 1: Be a candid and captivating storyteller.

Everyone loves a good story, and people are willing to buy into a story if it is told candidly. Knowing how to tell your client’s story in a captivating manner is essential for generating a response to your message. By artfully presenting your message, you elevate your client to a position of authority and respect, boosting brand acceptance. As PR professionals, our job is to solve problems, and storytelling can be the means by which this is done. Find the silver lining and craft a straightforward, sincere narrative to achieve the solution.  

Trait 2: Be an audience-centered researcher.

Know your audience and how they will receive your message. In PR, we must be conscious of the various lenses through which our audience will process information. A variety of factors including age, gender and socio-economic demographic can influence these lenses. It is important to understand your audience’s experiences and then let this shape the way you work. Look for reactions and responses to similar messages and leverage these things to format your strategy.

Trait 3: Be a strategic influencer.

I may be a Gen-Z, but when I say, “Be a strategic influencer,” I don’t mean the trendy term used to describe people with thousands of Instagram followers. Consider your audience and approach, and intentionally craft your delivery to be an agent of influence for your client. Because people respond well to prominence and relevance, being a purposeful communicator is important. With this in mind, connect with your audience by channeling your strategy through notable networks, times and people.

Trait 4: Be an exceptional writer.

In PR, the trait of exceptional writing should never be overlooked or underestimated. This is how you hook your audience initially and sustain its attention. The skill of collecting and arranging words in a manner that’s catchy and clear is necessary for creating influential content. Purposeful, powerful and perfect writing can encourage people to absorb and accept the PR message you’re promoting.

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By Haylee Hicks, Clairemont Intern and junior at North Carolina State University. 



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