Facebook Livestream for Restaurants

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Last December, Facebook gave business pages a special Christmas gift: live streaming for certain verified accounts. Still in the pilot phase, this feature allows users to broadcast live video by choosing “Publish” and then clicking “Live Video.” Viewers can then subscribe to receive notifications as well as like and comment on the video. The Livestream feature also allows businesses to track user engagement with the video.

Facebook v. Periscope

“Hm,” you think. “Why not just stick with my trusty Periscope?”

Good question. Unlike Periscope, Facebook live streaming allows businesses to broadcast to a pre-established audience, a fabulous tool for target marketing. In addition, videos on Meerkat and Periscope disappear after a set amount of time. Facebook live streams remain indefinitely on businesses’ pages. Of course, live streaming’s downside is that the video is confined to Facebook, while Periscope can be shared across multiple platforms.

Live Streaming for Restaurants

Still, the app seems to be taking off like a rocket, already boasting 4 million video views daily, according to Fortune.com. And since it’s still on the early side of development, now is the time for restaurants to begin to design strategy to leverage this vibrant tool. Once approved by Facebook as a verified business, here are just a few ways to use Facebook live streaming in your restaurant.

– Restaurant and kitchen tours
– Recipe demos
– Staff parties
– Special events or large banquets
– Real-time testimonials or reviews from diners
– Tours of a local vendor that supplies an ingredient
– An interview with the chef on a new menu item or change

Be sure to track your analytics (likes, follows, comments) and weigh engagement to help determine what types of content appeal to your target audience.

Got other ideas for using Facebook live streaming in your store? Oh, won’t you share with us?



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