Evolution of the Daily Deal

By Posted in - Marketing on December 23rd, 2013

Online shopping may be king, but what about the daily deal, which became a widely popular online offer through sites like LivingSocialGroupon and Amazon Local? To many, the daily deal is dead as a doornail, and companies like LivingSocial are rushing to change their strategy and stay relevant to shoppers.

Switching its focus from urgency to variety, LivingSocial is seeking to offer its customers a wider selection of deals available for longer periods of time. Earlier this year, Livingsocial let the world know of its strategy shift through a Halloween-themed message, titled “The Daily Deal is Dead.”


“That’s right; we said it. One deal a day just isn’t enough. Now we have thousands of deals every single day. That means more restaurants. More events. More everything. Stop waiting for the daily email and start searching for the best of your city anytime you want.”

So what does this mean for LivingSocial in 2014 and the following years? As the company has struggled to consistently stay in the black, only time will tell if this strategy switch will prove to be profitable in the long run. What are your thoughts? Will more deals mean more purchasing for you?



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