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By Posted in - Furniture PR on June 4th, 2010

Certain client assignments are simply dangerous. And by dangerous I don’t mean the life threatening kind of danger. Take for example, when I was interviewing chefs to be featured on the Briar Chapel blog leading up to an Earth Day event. Well, I had to eat the food. At each restaurant. Each time I went there to set up the interview, do the interview, go back for an extra photo. Dangerous.

This week:credit card danger of epic proportions. Do you know what happens when you start messing around with decorating ideas, reading interior design blogs and flipping through the glossy pages of all the best home decorating magazines? That’s right, it starts with an inexpensive little throw pillow. The next thing you know you are knocking down walls, expanding the master and ripping up flooring. Cha-ching.

That’s the downside (if there really is one!) to doing furniture marketing and writing interior design blogs. On Tuesday, I wrote about Mother Nature as my favorite decorator in a post for Drexel Heritage about botanicals as an interior design trend. One of my favorite things in the Drexel Heritage showroom at Spring Market this year (now THAT is dangerous) is the sofa pictured in that post with the bird upholstery.

Today’s post for Drexel Heritage, still in the nature theme, focuses on flowers and floral designs. Personally, I do not feel that all florals are created equal and tend to like those that are more whimsical or vintage or just a different take. And so, I’ve fallen in love. I never knew I could love a wallpaper so much.

I love the one I mentioned in the post, and then once I published it, I kept looking on the Osborne & Little site. Somebody, stop me. I think I have to have this foxglove print. I just took a photo when I was in Asheville because I love these flowers so much and now look… I can have them 365 days of the year! And you know that means painting the trim which means replacing the carpet which means completely remodeling the upstairs!

Dangerous blogging. And I love it! What part of your job is dangerous but something you love doing?



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  • Shannon - Reply

    June 7, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Continue the great ideas flowing by visiting the beautifully appointed model homes at Briar Chapel – some dangerous fun! 🙂

    • Dana Hughens - Reply

      June 7, 2010 at 2:55 pm

      Seriously! You know I pick out my new home every time I visit Briar Chapel & get some great decorating ideas while I’m there! That might just make Briar Chapel my most dangerous client of all…

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