Counselors Academy Conference: A Leash-Free Zone for PR Agency Leaders

By Posted in - Counselors Academy on May 16th, 2013
Leash free

What do you do when you are unleashed?

There’s a wonderful dog park behind Austin Four Seasons, the host hotel for the 2013 Counselors Academy Conference. When I was enjoying the walking trails there in January, I saw this sign, and immediately thought, “That’s exactly what Counselors Academy Conference is!

Let’s face it, with the demands that come along with being PR agency owners, managers and leaders, there aren’t many opportunities to run wild. Really, there’s one chance a year. That’s when we get together with our trusted peers (old and new friends each time) at the Counselors Academy Conference and have frank discussions about our business challenges, take a good look at what we might need to do to change and open our minds to improving ourselves as leaders, our teams and our agencies.

It’s so wonderful to be able to set aside time annually to be untethered in a safe environment to ultimately figure out how to better serve our clients and keep improving year after year. Being unleashed gives us the freedom to remember what we do best and what we love about being PR agency leaders and re-energizes us with creativity and fresh thinking.

Hope to get to get to run free with you in Austin! The conference is June 9 – 11 which is just a few weeks away. That makes me wag my tail. 🙂



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