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By Posted in - Copy Cat & Marketing on August 1st, 2016

I thought Domino’s had stolen my heart when it launched the pizza tracker  — complete with customizable themes. Themes, people! I’m fairly sure my pizza-per-day ratio skyrocketed just so I could watch that parrot squawk updates about my pepperoni-with-extra-cheese creation.

And all was right in the universe…until I discovered Eat24 by Yelp. Concept? Online food delivery. Price? A touch higher (to account for outsourced delivery fees, understandably). Copy? My new favorite.

Eat24’s website is proliferated with promotional phrases that tout the usual products for a website of its ilk (fast delivery, an easy app, reliable reviews). But the copy’s unexpected and playful nature combined with the punchy brevity transforms it from advertisement into entertainment.

Need help? Don’t bother calling anything so stodgy as a “customer service representative.” No, Eat24 employs “support ninjas.” I almost want to invent a problem just to find out what that phone call entails.

Support Ninjas

Once you submit that order, you’re normally hit with a “thanks, and we’ll get it to you shortly.” Not with Eat24. Your order sparks cosmic celebration.


Looking to download the Eat24 app? It’s not a gaming app, but after the copy’s humorous jab about the chopsticks, you don’t really care.

Eat24 App

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