In The News: Fire Chiefs Featured in Cherokee County

By Posted in - Clairemont Client News on October 18th, 2021

The North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs (NCAFC), Clairemont client, has worked tirelessly to recruit volunteer firefighters across the state during a tremendous volunteer shortage as the state population grows. Our team at Clairemont helps spread the word by securing media coverage, such as this story in Cherokee One Feather.

Coverage in Cherokee County was crucial for the NCAFC for several reasons. First, Hiwassee Dam Fire Department in Cherokee County is a singular department and highly isolated from support. Because the department is so rural, 90 percent of the district does not have high-speed internet so Facebook and other social media posts won’t reach people in the district.  

Other volunteer barriers the county faces are age and time. When local kids go off to college and find jobs in cities like Raleigh and Charlotte they tend to stay in those areas, resulting in the locals demographic skewing older.

Nothing makes us happier than to do work that matters. Because of our media relations outreach to papers such as Cherokee One Feather, we have already seen a boost in volunteers across the state. If you’re interested in serving your community as a volunteer firefighter, click here to learn more.

Want to read more coverage we’ve secured for the NCAFC? Click here.



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