Clairemont’s First Creative Challenge

By Posted in - Professional Development & Raleigh PR Agency on June 5th, 2014

This technically isn’t the first time Clairemont team members have participated in a Clairemont Creative Challenge, but it is the first time we’re going public with one. Oh, there was the time when Clairemonters frantically scrambled to be the first to get the word moxy approved in client copy and the time we had to write hundreds of words about a client’s beach-inspired furniture collection without using the terms beach, coastal, seaside or shore. Who could forget the day that $500 in cash showed up in the middle of our conference table as a prize?

But this Clairemont Creative Challenge is the most exciting yet. Why? It involves many of the components that as creative PR people, we at Clairemont pride ourselves on offering to our clients each day – all through an imaginative lens. Creative writing. Editing. Tapping into your imagination. Teamwork. Time management. Social media. Maybe even stepping outside of the comfort zone. In this case, it also meant trusting “the boss” for what might have seemed like a wacky assignment.

Next week, you’ll see three very different stories posted on our blog that were all inspired by the same photograph. We want to know which one is your favorite. On Thursday, June 12 after all the stories have been posted, voting will open. Please leave the word “vote” in the comments section of the story you like the best. Only one vote per person per story will be counted. Since social media is an important part of this challenge, please also feel free to share the story on your social channels so that its writer has an increased chance of winning our Clairemont Creative Challenge grand prize.

Thanks to our team members who participated in this challenge. I appreciate that you trust that I will never ask you to spend time on something that doesn’t have a point. I’m a big fan of fun. I’m not a big fan of forced fun. (Because that typically really isn’t fun.) I love that we are a team that can combine fun with professional development (such as this assignment), achieving client successes and serving our community. Keep up the great work! I really like y’all. A lot.



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