Authenticity Matters

By Posted in - Counselors Academy on September 6th, 2016

Earlier this summer, my friends and fellow public relations professionals, Sydney Ayers and Lisa Cutter, wrote a column for PRSA’s Tactics about how social media has given anyone with a voice an always-on platform to be heard and how that affects authenticity. A snippet of this piece is below, and I encourage you to read it in full: Why Authenticity Matters.

“This change in how information is shared and at the speed it can be shared increasingly means that organizations can not afford to be disingenuous in any way. Communicating authentically is a critical component of a successful business equation.”

As a member of PRSA‘s Counselors Academy executive committee, I’ve been collaborating with Tactics editor John Elsasser for several months as a liaison of sorts to secure contributors for the publication’s monthly column called “Changing Times.” It was started by Michael Herman, APR, Fellow PRSA, friend and mentor to many. There was no one better than Mike to write about changes in the public relations industry, and his only published column appeared in January 2015, the same month he unexpectedly left this world. Since then, members of PRSA’s Counselors Academy have been contributing their thoughts on the evolution of our profession.

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