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By Posted in - The Clairemont Team on May 6th, 2011

We\’ll miss Miss Whit!

My final day of interning at Clairemont Communications has sadly arrived. I definitely wasn’t here long enough, but there was still enough time to learn quite a few things from the rest of the team!

Dana, the best boss ever, is clearly successful and definitely has lots of knowledge to share. With her help I have a better understanding of the PR world in general, which I hadn’t been exposed to before. Prior to interning here I didn’t quite understand just how much goes on at once – phone meetings with clients, social media updates and events and researching some of the weirdest topics, like ice cream carts for example.

Another especially important part of this industry is writing. Copy, blogs, Facebook posts, press releases, you name it. I would not necessarily say writing is one of my strong points so thankfully Josie, the journalism queen, has been able to help me along in this area. She gave me some very helpful tips about writing structure, tone and the average amount of an article that a person actually reads (they usually don’t get too far).

For Hope, my intern partner, I’ve admired her great sense of style and positive outlook since day one. At the office, we’ve been trying to learn her makeup techniques and occasionally mimic her outfits and accessory usage. And I have loved being able to work with her everyday and feed off of her fun spirit and eagerness to learn.

 The people at Clairemont are what make it such a great place to work. There’s never a dull moment with this group, and they even make hard work enjoyable! I’m definitely going to miss coming to work everyday, but I hope the team knows they’re not getting rid of me that easy!



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